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Woodland Hills Special Needs Trusts Lawyer

The Law Offices of Alice A. Salvo: Protecting Your Family's Future

When it comes to protecting your family, there isn't much you wouldn't do, especially those family members with disabilities who need extra attention and care. When you're gone, you want to make sure that your family will still be protected and cared for. In situations like this, it can be beneficial to set up a special needs trust.

A special need trust will grant you the piece of mind of knowing that your disabled family member is secure, even after you're gone. Alice A. Salvo’s special needs trust attorneys are skilled with the laws regarding state based care and payment, meaning your family member won't have to worry about losing state coverage. The special needs trusts are in place to catch what the state won't, leaving you worry free.

When it comes to following the letter and the rule for special needs trusts, California offers no more successful firm than Alice A. Salvo. Our California special needs trust attorneys and are reputable and knowledgeable. We’re very well versed with Medi-Cal and can set up the trust in such a way that you'll never have to worry about losing state-offered coverage.  Having set up a special needs trust, California based differently-abled citizens can enjoy a more comfortable, higher quality of life.

Understanding all of the little tidbits to health insurance and medical care can be confusing to say the least. Without knowing all of the ins and outs, you could potentially miss something that can cost you dearly. Having our special needs trust lawyers at your side will keep you from missing that potentially devastating fine print. As you'd go to the ends of the earth for your family, having a consultation with a special needs trust lawyer can be a walk in the park, making life easier for you and your family.

Helping a disabled family member can sometimes be a trying issue, as not many understand what it is you have to go through. While you do so willingly, it can be a difficult process to deal with medical insurance companies, medical expenses, and a small mountain of red tape. Alice A. Salvo’s special needs trust attorneys know what you're going through and have had experience with cases similar to yours. Just that understanding alone can mean a lot in your struggle to keep your family comfortable and safe.

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