What Is Probate?

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After an individual dies, there are many steps that must be taken and many legal requirements that must be met in order to settle the estate. This process is known as probate or estate administration.

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What Is Probate?

Probate is the court process in which an estate is finalized after an individual's death. The process of probate is used to accomplish many things, from determining the value of the estate to distributing assets to beneficiaries to settling any outstanding debts.

Probate can be a long and burdensome process. In fact, many people take specific steps through estate planning to avoid the process altogether. The use of trusts is one common probate avoidance tool. If you are interested in learning more about estate planning to avoid probate, please contact our law firm. Otherwise, we can help your family through the process of probate and address any questions or concerns you have along the way.

Dying Without a Will

When an individual dies without a will, the state assumes responsibility for administering his or her estate. Dying without a will is known as dying "intestate." Family members may have limited power in determining how the estate is distributed. For small estates, this may not present many legal challenges. However, for high-value estates, it is advisable to speak to a probate attorney about possible legal options.

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