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Providing For Your Family Even After You're Gone

All too often, people spend the majority of their lives working hard for the money they make, only to spend their retirement years living on a “fixed income.” When it comes to protecting you and your family's financial future, it's time to meet with one of Alice A. Salvo’s living trust lawyers. As the climate is more agreeable for comfortable living in the golden years, our California living trust firms are ready and able to help you set up and maintain your financial future.

When it comes to setting up a living trust, California residents know how easy it can be. While you're alive you are the trustee, making it a living revocable trust. This means that you can alter and change your trust as needed, by adding beneficiaries or even canceling it, if need be. When you pass, as tragic as that may sound, it then becomes an irrevocable living trust which can't be changed or altered, keeping it safe and secure for your family's financial future.

When it comes to setting up a revocable living trust, California residents first have to decide which firm they'd like to deal with. As rates can vary, it's a matter of finding one that's cost effective, so it won't be a drain against the money used in the trust to begin with. When looking for a living trust attorney, Los Angeles citizens can benefit from the knowledge that comes from a consultation with our highly experienced attorneys.

There are several advantages of setting up a trust that our living trust attorney will explain to you. Should you become incapacitated and unable to continue to manage your financial situation, a successor of your choice can manage the trust, making financial distributions for your benefit. Another advantage to having our living trust lawyers assisting you with this level of financial planning is saving your heirs a great deal of money in the long run on both taxes and avoiding probate procedures. 

If you're living out your golden years in the Golden state, for the financial security of you and your family, consider setting up living trusts. California residents can expect the best from Alice A. Salvo, because we’ll make sure that your money is safe and your family provided for, even after your passing - allowing you to spend your time comfortably and worry free.

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