​Special Needs Trusts And The Care Of Disabled Children

Usually, a disabled child will depend upon his or her parents to provide a financial means of support. However, parents usually pass away before their children, making this a potentially burdensome situation for the disabled individual. Establishing a special needs trust as part of an estate plan can help provide a disabled person with a means of income when parents or guardians are no longer part of the picture. The things that a special needs trust can be used for are somewhat limited, and it is important to have a lawyer on your side who can help establish a trust and avoid potential legal troubles further down the road.

Things That A Special Needs Trust Can Provide

A special needs trust can help cover expenses that are not part of a government assistance program. For example, Medicaid will address most medical expenses and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) can provide for basic living expenses. However, neither of these programs addresses a person’s needs for education, transportation or entertainment. Funds disbursed from a special needs trust can help cover these expenses while ensuring a disabled individual still qualifies for much-needed government assistance programs.

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