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March 2013 Archives

California retirees enjoying freedom and fun during the golden years

Individuals planning for retirement and end of life matters are often forced to make many important decisions. When most people think about their retirement years or estate planning, money and finances are the primary focus and concern. While it's important that individuals take the necessary steps to ensure they have enough money to live during retirement and enough money to pass on to heirs after their death, there are also important matters related to quality of life during the retirement years.

Estate planning and financial exploitation

We write a lot in this blog about the importance of estate planning, particularly when it comes to drafting a will and setting up appropriate trusts. While these certainly are important steps to providing individuals security and peace of mind, in some cases estate planning vehicles can be used to exploit the very individuals they are intended to protect.

Estate planning: not just for the rich and famous

It's a fact that few California residents want to contemplate, yet the inevitability of death is something we must all eventually face. While an individual isn't able to control many of the circumstances related to death, they can take steps to manage what happens to their assets.