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May 2013 Archives

Couples: consider whether you may need separate attorneys in estate planning

When couples start talking about estate planning, it is an important moment. Beginning to speak about each other's wishes and goals for estate planning is the first step toward leaving an ordered financial situation at one's death. It can mean other things as well, such as passing on a legacy, leaving money to important charities, and passing on not only one's wealth but also one's wisdom to the next generation.

Estate planning essentials for those 18 and up

As children grow, parents are there to help them through difficult times and shield them from harm. As a child graduates from high school and heads off to college or the working world, a parent's role changes dramatically. In many cases, for the first time a child is living on their own in a dorm room or apartment.

No heirs or will prove troubling in millionaire's death

When an individual dies without a will they are said to die "intestate". As such, according to state laws, their assets are to be valued and distributed through a process known as probate. Many individuals take steps to avoid probate as it can be lengthy and expensive. What's more, information pertaining to an estate that has gone through probate becomes public record.