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December 2013 Archives

Avoiding disputes over tangible personal property

As is well known, the death of a loved one tends to bring families closer together or to tear them apart. In some cases, maybe a little of both. Families find many things to fight about when a parent or loved one dies. Understandably, the fighting is often not only about a specific asset, but about what that asset represents. Personal items that belonged to the loved one can bear a lot of sentimental value and therefore can become the center of bitter family disputes.

Elder Law: Protecting Your Loved Ones and Yourself

There's no avoiding it - you're getting older. Sometimes our society likes to make that a bad thing, but the truth is that with age comes wisdom, freedom, and perspective. That selfsame wisdom and perspective that you have earned over the years has probably shown you that in time, you're going to need some help looking after yourself. Between your health and your property, there is a lot to worry about as you enter your golden years, but with the help of an expert in elder law, you can feel confident that no matter what the future holds, you and your loved ones will be cared for.

Make sure your beneficiary designations are updated

Most of our California readers have dealt with beneficiary designations at one point or another. Beneficiary designations are specifications as to who will receive the proceeds of an account at the death of the account holder. They are used in IRAs, mutual funds, life insurance policies, bank and brokerage accounts and annuities.

E-mail accounts and estate planning

Our readers may have heard the buzz about digital assets in estate planning. The idea is pretty simple: because more and more people are dying with significant digital assets to their name, more people need to be thinking about how their digital assets will be disposed after their death and taking the necessary steps.

Reminder: coordinate prenup with your wills and trusts

Prenuptial agreements have grown in popularity in recent years, and according to family law attorneys, especially in the past year.  A lot of what is behind the increase is the fact that people are marrying later in life and bringing more assets to marriage that they wish to protect in the event of divorce.

Who will inherit Paul Walker's estate?

The sudden death of a loved one can be incredibly stressful for any family. But when that person dies without having written up a will, this trying time can become that much more difficult to handle. Such may be the case for 40-year-old actor Paul Walker who recently died in a serious car accident in Valencia just days ago. At the age of 40, not many people think about the state of their estate or even begin planning for what should happen to it in the event of a passing. Now people are beginning to wonder if this could be the case for Walker and are questioning the future of his estate.

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