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January 2014 Archives

When an ex-spouse has the right to life insurance proceeds

Divorce can cause a lot of complications in a number of areas of life. One of those areas is estate planning. Take just one estate planning issue: beneficiary designations. These, of course, refer to selections regarding who is to receive the proceeds of life insurance policies and other accounts with beneficiary designations. These assets pass outside of probate, which is an advantage in many ways, but it is important to keep them updated so that the proceeds get to where they are supposed to go when the insured dies.

Decision to serve as executor should not be automatic

Being asked to act as the executor of an estate is an honor for many people, as it signals that the individual asking them considers them trustworthy and competent enough to see to the winding down of their estate. However, acting as the executor of an estate is a big responsibility, and those who are considering an offer to do so should think it through carefully.