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June 2016 Archives

Understanding the Probate Homestead Exemption

Most in Woodland Hills would likely list their homes as being among their most valuable possessions. That's likely due to the fact that one's home is much more than just a simple investment building equity. Rather, it offers peace-of-mind in knowing that one always has a place that he or she as well as his or her family can rely on to provide comfort and protection. Yet for all of the intrinsic and financial value that a home may have, it is surprising how little so many do to protect it in the event of their deaths.

Understanding your estate planning options

Estate planning can be important no matter what your age and asset level. Most people begin to plan their estate when they are older and have more assets to consider, but younger people with less in the way of financial solvency can also benefit from planning for their estate. They can make changes as they age and their life takes different turns, but early planning can be a big benefit in a number of ways. Planning an estate isn't always just about finances, as there are other factors to consider. 

What information is a trustee obligated to give you?

Lack of communication between the interested parties to a will or trust may be one of the most common causes of discord in estate planning. Here at The Law Offices of Alice A. Salvo, we often see an inherent level of mistrust between the beneficiaries of a will or trust and the trustee or executor. In the case of a trust, this may be due to you, as a beneficiary, feeling as though the trustee is only giving you the information that he or she feels that you need.

Understanding the process of appointing an estate administrator

Woodland Hills residents are strongly recommended to engage in estate planning early in their adult lives so as to avoid issues with the management of their affairs once they are gone. Nevertheless, we here at The Law Offices of Alice A. Salvo can attest to the fact that many die without having named a personal representative or even creating any estate planning articles. If you have had a loved one pass away without such resources in place, then you and other interested parties may justly be wondering how his or her estate is to be handled.

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