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December 2016 Archives

Late singer’s manager sued for violating non-disclosure agreement

One of the main reasons why residents of Woodland Hills are encouraged to see to their estate planning before it is too late is because if they want to keep their families’ secrets private, proper planning allows them to do so. Avoiding probate may also mean avoiding having the information related to an estate becoming public record. Even further, provisions such as non-disclosure agreements may secure a family’s privacy by compelling parties to an estate to not divulge information about it. If those parties violate those agreements, the estate may then choose to pursue legal action.

Heir suing to stop upcoming Broadway production

Many in Woodland Hills may believe that the process of handling one’s estate is a relatively short-term task involving the simple transfer of assets and/or property to designated beneficiaries. While it may be that simple in some cases, others may involve a much more long-term commitment on the part of the parties involved to ensure that an estate’s property is not infringed upon in the future. Whenever copyrighted works or intellectual property are linked an estate, any use of such materials may need to first be given the approval of those with an interest in it. Such parties may even end up having to fight to ensure that their rights of ownership of such properties are respected.

Examining the potential of naming co-trustees

One of the main reason that we here at The Law Offices of Alice A. Salvo hear from Woodland Hills residents as to why they put off estate planning is because they fear upsetting family members who may be given roles in their estates. Having several options to choose from when selecting a trustee may place you in somewhat of a predicament. Each of your potential trustees may bring certain assets to the role, while also possessing weaknesses that could inhibit their ability to fulfill the responsibilities that come with it. If you are facing this conundrum, an alternate option you may want to explore would be to name co-trustees.

Daughter alleges late father’s friend led him to change his will

Not only is estate planning a process that Woodland Hills residents should begin early on in their adult lives, but also one in which they may want to involve their families and other interested parties in. The reason for this is that as one’s circumstances change throughout his or her life, he or she may feel compelled to update his or her estate planning documents to reflect the current situation. If all those who are party to the estate are not involved in this process, they may cry foul once the testator is gone and his or her current will is brought to light.

Dying without an estate plan could affect surviving family

When thinking about your eventual demise, you may wonder how your family will handle your death and the multitude of questions needing decisions in the aftermath. These decisions could prove difficult for surviving loved ones as they may second-guess whether you would have liked the decisions. This situation could put significant stress on your family during a time of grief, and complications could potentially arise if you did not create an estate plan.

Siblings battle over change to deceased father’s estate plan

Among the primary reasons as to why Woodland Hills residents are encouraged to begin the process of estate planning early on in their lives is to avoid the potential for future disputes arising amongst their beneficiaries. However, having one’s wishes stipulated in estate planning documents may not provide an iron-clad guarantee that disagreements will not occur. One may be surprised to see how bitter estate disputes can become, and how quickly the beneficiaries involved can expand their alleged grievances to target other parties.

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