Former DA’s family fighting over validity of his will

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Woodland Hills residents are advised to see to their estate planning early on their lives so that their true intentions regarding the disposition of their assets are known should they die unexpectedly. They may also be counseled to keep the process as transparent as possible so that all who are parties to their estates understand their wishes, which hopefully will minimize the chances of disputes arising. Yet no amount of planning may overcome any bitter feelings that may exist amongst potential beneficiaries. Estate disputes may often be emotionally charged, with all parties involved being convinced that their claims are valid.

Such cases can often result in legal proceedings. That is exactly what is happening with the estate of a former New York district attorney. The man succumbed to cancer late last year, Days before his death, he wrote a new will in which he left all his assets to his wife and children. This replaced an earlier will that he had written eight years earlier. His mother is now claiming that the man’s widow manipulated him in his final days to amend the will in order to completely exclude her from it. She is now seeking to have that earlier will turned over to her in an attempt to discredit the one he wrote before his death. The widow has countered by claiming that the man destroyed the earlier document, and that the amended will renders its contents moot, anyway.

As this case demonstrates, estate disputes can happen even when one does prepare documents supposedly detailing his or her final wishes. Those involved in such disputes may end up facing a long legal battle before achieving any sort of resolution. One’s chances of successfully enduring such a legal ordeal may be bolstered with the help of an experienced attorney.

Source: New York Post “Ken Thompson’s widow lashes out at his mom in will dispute” Saul, Emily, Feb. 09, 2017


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