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Do you require a special needs trust?

Determining what is going to happen to your family after you pass on can be a difficult thought, one that may be even more complicated if you have a child who will likely require lifelong assistance. If you are unsure about whether or not you will require a special needs trust, there are a few things you need to know. We at the Law Offices of Alice A. Salvo can help you determine which types of planning are right for you and how to best care for your loved ones in California.

Explaining estate jurisdiction

Whenever someone living in or with ties to Woodland Hills passes away, those close to him or her typically begin to prepare for the process of administering his or her estate. Aside from ensuring that a personal representative has been named to handle the matter, one of the first things to be considered is which probate court would have jurisdiction over the case.

Will the court enforce your no contest clause?

The ultimate goal of your estate planning efforts is likely to be so that those that you leave behind in Woodland Hills have no reason to question what your final wishes may be. It should be remembered, however, that no amount of planning on your part may be able to account for the emotions one or more of your beneficiaries may feel regarding their final interests in your estate. You may try to be proactive in stopping any potential disputes by including a no contest clause in your will. The question then becomes to what extent is such a clause enforceable?

Murder victim’s estate seeking return of his property

Many in Woodland Hills might assume that the matter of estate administration involves simply sitting down at a table, reviewing a decedent’s assets, and then divvying them out to beneficiaries. In reality, the process is much more involved. In fact, one assigned as the executor of an estate (along with any interested parties to it) might even have to go on a search for property that might rightfully belong to the estate, yet are in the possession of another. In some cases, those parties may even have to go as far as initiating legal action in order to recover such assets.

Setting up a special needs trust for the benefit of a loved one

It can be incredibly difficult to care for a loved one with special needs, and often, California families facing this unique challenge often wonder about how they can continue to provide care long into the future. There is not way to control what happens in the years ahead, but there is a way to plan for contingencies and ensure that a loved one has what he or she needs no matter what.

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