Murder victim’s estate seeking return of his property

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Many in Woodland Hills might assume that the matter of estate administration involves simply sitting down at a table, reviewing a decedent’s assets, and then divvying them out to beneficiaries. In reality, the process is much more involved. In fact, one assigned as the executor of an estate (along with any interested parties to it) might even have to go on a search for property that might rightfully belong to the estate, yet are in the possession of another. In some cases, those parties may even have to go as far as initiating legal action in order to recover such assets.

Representatives of the estate of a murdered man in Colorado are currently involved in such an effort as they attempt to reclaim property being held by one of those allegedly involved in his death. A complaint filed on behalf of the murdered man’s estate claims that two men (both business partners) had taken coins, collectibles and cash totaling $70,000 to store for the victim prior to his death. Yet after his murder, one of the partners claimed that the man already collected most of what they had taken. The man making that assertion (who also was believed to have been involved in the victim’s murder) died shortly thereafter. A subsequent search of his home revealed that he still had much of the victim’s property (those representatives from his estate claim that property belonged to him). Now, the surviving partner (who pleaded guilty to being an accessory to the victim’s murder) is being asked to return the items.

One might be surprised at the type of obstacles he or she may encounter when trying to help administer an estate. Such challenges might be easier to overcome if one has an experienced attorney to turn to for assistance.

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