Certain missteps could invalidate your estate plan

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California readers understand the importance of having a strong estate plan in place. Making the effort to have a will and other documents can ensure you have a say over what will happen to your estate and your medical care in the future, but there are certain common mistakes that could actually derail your carefully laid plans.

Missteps and errors in the estate planning process can be costly. They can lead to complications for you and your loved ones, and they can ultimately lead to legal battles and financial loss. Through careful planning and thoughtful effort, you can avoid common estate planning mistakes and look to the future with confidence.

What mistakes are you making?

Estate planning can be a complex process, and it can be difficult for you to know exactly what you need to ensure you have the protections necessary for your specific estate and unique objectives. It may be beneficial for you to understand common estate planning missteps and how you can protect yourself against unnecessary problems. Some of the common mistakes you want to avoid include the following: 

  • Some people fail to update estate plans after major life events. After deaths, remarriages, divorces and other significant events, it is beneficial to carefully review all documents and update them as necessary.
  • A mistake that many people make is to fail to plan for the possibility of a disability in the future. Through advance directives and other measures, you can have financial security in case of a debilitating condition. 
  • One other common mistake is to neglect to take steps to reduce estate taxes. There are certain things you can do reduce your taxes and lessen financial obligations for your loved ones in the future.

Of course, the biggest estate planning mistake is to fail to have a plan in the first place. Regardless of your income or the size of your estate, it is always smart to have a plan in place.

You can take steps to avoid problems

One of the simplest yet effective ways you can avoid problems with your estate plan is to seek an evaluation of your current estate plan and explanation of mistakes you may be making. If you do not have a plan or you need to consider updates and additions to your plan, you would be wise to take quick action to protect your interests and those of your loved ones.


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