Can you benefit from a healthcare directive?

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It is more than elderly California residents who can benefit from an estate plan. If you have children or want control over where your assets and possessions go after you die, it is important to set up a plan. You cannot predict your death and even if you are young and healthy now, preparation is the best way to have peace of mind.

One part of an estate plan or will is a healthcare directive. This is valuable for almost everyone. A healthcare directive allows you to define your end of life wishes and what type of care you want to receive if you are unable to make decisions for yourself. It also allows you to pick the person you want making those decisions for you. According to UCI Health, this can give peace of mind to your loved ones, minimize their stress and reduce the risk of conflict between family members if you are ill.

A healthcare directive allows you to make important medical decisions while you are still in the right mind to make them. If there is a life-threatening accident or illness, your family knows exactly what you would want as far as treatment. You can make known your feelings about how you want to be kept comfortable as you near the end of your life or what medical treatments you are willing to undergo to keep you alive.

Choosing someone to make these decisions for you can help you avoid unnecessary procedures and pain. It can also keep you out of the hospital when you would rather be home with your family. While you do not expect to be incapacitated when you are young, preparation can make all the difference if tragedy strikes.

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