Have you picked the right estate executor?

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Residents of California must do work on their estate plan or will sooner or later. Once you begin, you need to select an executor as well. This person will manage your estate after you pass away. Because of that, they are of key importance. Experts suggest you take time to make this decision as it is one of the most important ones.

So how do you know if you have the right person in mind to be your executor? First, they need to have a willingness to take on this job. They should know everything it entails. This includes the fact that probate sometimes lasts years. This is often a time-consuming and difficult role to take on. Any potential executor should agree understanding this well. They should have the time necessary to manage your affairs. Because of that, experts often discourage people from choosing an executor with “big plans” coming up. This includes starting a new business or family, marriage, or moving.

Your executor should be on the same page as you for all topics you view as important. These may be moral topics or political alignments. It may be guiding principles in your life. Whatever the case, they should have similar views. They will answer questions and make decisions in your stead, so this is important.

Are you working on your estate plan? Do you want more information on the formation of it? If so, take a look at our linked web page. You can read more about executors and their importance to your plan. You can also look into other matters that are important to your estate plan.


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