Customizing your estate plan for a blended family

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Unique circumstances that affect your family’s dynamic may require you to modify your estate plan to function appropriately for all of the intended purposes. Whether your family has experienced divorce, death, remarriage or adoption, it is still possible to develop an estate plan that works for everyone involved.

Regularly reading through your plan may help you identify where modifications may enhance your plan. Reviewing critical documents is also imperative to your ability to keep your plan updated despite familial changes throughout the years.

Blending families and futures

According to Forbes, with a blended family, hiring a trustee who can facilitate the execution of your estate plan is a smart decision. Selecting someone you trust to oversee the distribution of your assets may prevent unnecessary tension, confusion and disagreement between your surviving family members. Another suggestion is to think carefully about which assets or possessions you wish to leave as an inheritance for your biological children. You may even consider having an open family discussion where you encourage input from those involved or affected in some way by your plan.

While simplicity has its benefits, if your family is uniquely complex, relying on a simple will to get the job done is probably not your best move. Spending adequate time and resources on developing a well-rounded estate plan, customized for your lifestyle and the desires you have for your future, may help guarantee an effective outcome for you and your family.

Having beneficial discussions

Estate planning is an activity for your whole family. Do not hesitate to involve your children, grandchildren and other important family members to participate in making decisions and providing insight and advice. Be genuine in your approach to request and encourage discussion. If you would like to learn more about how to plan an estate, please visit our webpage.


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