Finding the Right Estate Planning Attorney for Your Family

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Planning for your estate involves more than just deciding where to direct your property when you pass away. This process requires taking an in-depth look at multiple aspects of your life as you prepare for the present as well as the future. By working with a California estate planning attorney, you can develop a comprehensive plan and adapt it to fit your needs. However, it’s vital that you take the time to select the best lawyer for your situation. Here are some considerations about finding the right estate planning attorney for your family:

What is an Estate Planning Attorney?

A California estate planning attorney is a type of lawyer who specializes in handling the legal matters surrounding wills, trusts, and estate planning. This type of lawyer also assists clients with elder law issues, Medi-Cal and Medicaid applications and appeals, long-term care plans, guardianships, powers of attorney for finance, and advance health care directives. To provide their clients with the right type of advice, an estate planning attorney must be knowledgeable about a cross-section of state and federal laws and program requirements, as well as an array of complex court rules and procedures.

What Does an Estate Planning Attorney do?

Estate planning attorneys help clients with evaluating their circumstances and determining which tools will be of most benefit to them. These lawyers can perform many tasks such as preparing wills and trust, managing probate issues, and assisting with guardianship proceedings. They can also aid clients with long-term care planning, and in navigating the complexities of the Medi-Cal and Medicare systems. Additionally, estate planning counsel can assist with creating advance healthcare directives and powers of attorney.

What Kind of Estate Planning Attorney Do I Need?

Two of the most important qualities of an estate planning attorney are experience and expertise. When a lawyer has experience in a practice area, they not only know the laws and rules surrounding the documents they are preparing, they understand the real-world implications surrounding them. While drafting your estate planning documents, your attorney will know the right steps to take to help you avoid problems. In litigation, your counsel can provide insight, such as what to expect from the judge involved, how the court is likely to react to certain facts, and what evidence is best for your case. An attorney with expertise is focused on this area of the law and is going to be current on new cases and any statutory changes. Just as you would want a physician who was specially trained in their area of medicine to treat you for a specific condition, you want an attorney who has devoted their practice to estate planning to represent your interests.

Your Estate Planning Attorney Should Help You Plan for Today and Tomorrow

When selecting your estate planning attorney, you will want to find counsel who is thorough, comprehensive, and can help you examine your short and long-term goals. When you meet with your counsel, it may be to address an immediate concern. Although your estate planning attorney can help you with your presenting issue, he or she should also offer guidance on the long-term aspects of your plan and your other estate planning needs.

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