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Woodland Hills Estate Planning Lawyer

Secure your family’s future with estate planning — schedule your consultation today! When you work hard to provide your family with a secure, comfortable life, you want to take every measure possible to maintain that. Estate planning is the key ... Read More

Understanding How A Conservatorship Works to Help Your Aging Parent

First, the family will need to choose a conservator, often based on their financial skills. Then, I conduct an intake interview with you, asking various questions and completing the necessary forms. We proceed by filling out the conservatorship petition and ... Read More

How Pet Trusts Can Ensure the Care of Your Beloved Pets

If you visit our office, you will be greeted by my two dogs who come to the office every day: Buddy and Puggy. People love their pets, just as I love Buddy and Puggy, and they want to ensure that ... Read More

What Are the California Guidelines for Intestate Succession?

What happens if you pass away without a will or trust in California? Do your family members automatically inherit your estate? Estates entering probate without a will are subject to California intestate succession laws. The probate court will determine how ... Read More

When to Update Your Estate Plan: Life Events That Matter

In case of a passing, especially your spouse’s, contact us for a complimentary consultation on your options. Getting married is also a life milestone to address, as California law impacts your estate plan. After marriage, it’s not guaranteed your assets ... Read More

How a Legacy Letter Can Augment a Will

Many legal documents are required in a valid estate plan, including wills, trusts, and guardianship designations. A legacy letter can also be an integral part of an estate plan and often accompanies a will. However, unlike most estate planning documents, ... Read More

The Pros and Cons of Conservatorship: Exploring the Different Perspectives

The benefits of a conservatorship include safeguarding a person’s assets from self-neglect or third-party exploitation. Often, individuals neglect mortgage and utility payments, facing property sale or service disconnection. Financial management and awareness are lacking, with potential vulnerabilities to third-party manipulation, ... Read More

What Happens if I Don’t have a Will in California?

Passing away without a will in California can result in your property and assets being distributed in a manner which is not in accordance with your wishes. In some cases, your estate could end up in the hands of relatives ... Read More

Wills v. Trusts: What to do if they conflict

Having a will and a trust can be a great way to plan for your estate and protect your assets. When prepared correctly, these separate legal devices can work in concert as part of a smart estate planning strategy. However, ... Read More

What if I Can’t Find My Parent’s Will?

When a parent dies, it can be a chaotic and painful time. Even when a death is expected, coping with such a significant loss can be difficult. Especially while attending to loved ones as you make final arrangements. Another challenge ... Read More