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Vidal Sassoon Disinherits Son in Will

When discussing estate planning manners, most tend to focus on ensuring that assets and property pass as easily and quickly as possible to loved ones. Wills and trusts are primarily used to accomplish the transfer of wealth upon a loved one’s death. ... Read More

Making a Pet Trust Part of Your Estate Plan

Having a furry friend really does make a difference in your life. You don’t need studies or statistics to tell you that you feel calmer, your heart beats slower and your blood pressure evens out when you are sitting on ... Read More

Should You Include an Incentive Trust in Your Estate Plan?

As you watched your children or grandchildren grow, you had a vision for their lives. Perhaps you thought they would attend college, work in a particular field or get married by a certain age. As you prepare your estate plan, ... Read More
Creating A Secure Future For Your Disabled Child

Creating a Secure Future for Your Disabled Child

When a child has a significant disability, it can have a profound effect on everyone in the family. Parents, who are devoted to doing all that they can to meet their child’s complex needs while they are growing up, usually ... Read More
Making Sure Everything Is In Place When Your Child Has Cerebral Palsy

Making Sure Everything is in Place When Your Child has Cerebral Palsy

When a child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy parents are usually concerned about what their condition will be in the future.  Having this diagnosis means he or she will probably have some type of special needs.  However, every child is ... Read More
What Siblings And Other Family Can Do When Parents Don’t Make Plans For Their Special Needs Child

What Siblings and other Family can do When Parents Don’t Make Plans for their Special Needs Child

As siblings of someone with a severe disability, you may have grown up watching your parents devote themselves to your brother’s or sister’s special needs without giving much thought to what life would be life for your family in the ... Read More
How To Prepare When Your Adult Child Has A Late Onset Mental Illness

How to Prepare When Your Adult Child has a Late Onset Mental Illness

Being a parent of a child with a mental illness often means continuing to assist with supporting his or her well being during adulthood.  However, there can be situations when the severity of a child’s condition does not fully manifest ... Read More
What To Include In Your Will

What to Include in Your Will

Taking the time to consider what to include in your will is a good idea at any age. By establishing where you want your assets to go and how your estate should be managed, you can help ensure that your ... Read More

What Wills are Valid in California?

It’s never too early to start looking into drafting a will, and as a resident of California, you have some options in how you want to go about it. However, just one wrong move can have the entire will rendered ... Read More

What Allows Holographic Wills to be Considered Valid?

As a Californian resident who is contemplating creating a holographic will, it is important for you to know the proper steps to take so that your will is considered valid. We at the Law Offices of Alice A. Salvo are ... Read More