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Factors to Consider When Creating a Last Will and Testament

Whether you have recently started a new family or you just retired from work, you may have myriad things to think about. Creating a last will and testament may be the last thing on your mind. However, these are prime moments to ... Read More
What Is A Living Will, And Do I Need One

What Is A Living Will, And Do I Need One?

You may have heard someone mention a living will before in passing and not given it much thought. For some people, the term does not come up until they are facing a surgical procedure, and the hospital staff starts asking ... Read More

Don’t Forget to Add These Surprising Items to Your Will

When drafting a will or setting up a trust, most people understand that these estate planning tools will explain how they want their money, property and other assets distributed when they die, hopefully, many years from now. Estate plans also ... Read More
What Is A Holographic Will And Can I Have One In California

What is a Holographic Will, and Can I Have One in California?

When you hear of the term “holographic will,” it sounds like something you might encounter in a science fiction story. Although the description may seem unusual, a holographic will is not an uncommon phenomenon. You may want to know: What ... Read More
Is Having A Will Enough

Is Having A Will Enough?

Some people may tell you that outside of being extremely wealthy, a basic will is all you need for an estate plan. Although this advice may be well-intended, it fails to consider all of the ways a comprehensive California estate ... Read More
What Is The Difference Between Having A Will And Estate Planning

What Is The Difference Between Having A Will And Estate Planning?

When it comes to preparing for the future, many people think having a “simple will” is enough. However, sometimes complicated and time-sensitive issues can arise in this area that can’t be addressed by a will. The good news is that ... Read More
Is A Will Or Trust Better

Is A Will Or Trust Better?

Estate planning can be an intimidating process, especially when you are unsure which documents and devices are appropriate for your circumstances. Many people associate estate planning with a will or “last will and testament.” However, having a trust can be ... Read More

3 Tips For Convincing Your Parents to Write a Will

Having a comprehensive estate plan is not only an effective way to dispose of assets after death but it also allows individuals to maintain some control over their health care, finances and other matters. Still, almost 70% of Americans have not yet ... Read More

Do I Need A California Will?

If you are like many people, you may not have prioritized creating your will. You may have put this task off because you think you have plenty of time. You may also believe you don’t have enough assets to warrant ... Read More

What Happens If Your Parent Passes Away Without a Will?

Wills and trusts give instructions for who receives your parent’s assets after death. But if your parent doesn’t have a will, who gets the estate? When people pass away without a will, they die intestate. California probate courts rule on intestacy ... Read More