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Why Wills And Estates Can Bring Out The Worst In Families

Why Wills and Estates Can Bring Out the Worst in Families

When people think of contentious legal battles, they may imagine drawn-out child custody or divorce cases. While family law disputes can undoubtedly get heated, probate matters can also result in intense conflict between family members. In some unfortunate cases, the ... Read More
What We Can Learn About Estate Planning From John Singleton

What We Can Learn About Estate Planning from John Singleton

In 1991, 24-year-old director John Singleton made a name for himself with the debut of his movie Boyz n the Hood.  The film’s success launched his career and led to his nomination for an Academy Award for Best Director. The filmmaker ... Read More
What Does A California Living Will Actually Do

What Does a California Living Will Actually Do?

When it comes to estate planning, you may hear several terms that sound similar but have different meanings. For instance, a “will” and a “living will” may sound like they are the same type of estate planning instrument. In truth, ... Read More