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More Information - Medi-Cal Asset Protection

What Is Medi-Cal Asset Protection?

Medi-Cal asset protection is a tool you can use to hold the assets in the form of a trust. This trust qualifies you for long-term care benefits and prevent “Medi-Cal Estate Recovery.” Setting up this trust early can help pay for nursing home costs as well as protect your assets.

Medi-Cal asset protection is especially important for individuals who have a spouse entering a nursing home. Our law firm can help file a petition in court to transfer assets and income of the spouse entering a nursing home to the spouse who is staying at home. This may also help qualify the spouse in the nursing home for Medi-Cal benefits.

Protect Your Assets Through Medi-Cal Planning

Are you currently dealing with a loved one in a nursing home and privately paying for care? If so we can help. Learn more about Medi-Cal asset protection. Save the family home and the 401(k) that you or your loved one worked so hard to acquire. Contact our Medi-Cal planning attorney online or call 818-676-9572 for a free initial consultation to discuss your situation.

We welcome AARP members who are looking for a viable long-term care solution. Don’t spend down your assets if you don’t have to. As a Medi-Cal planning attorney and elder law specialist, making sense of Medi-Cal and preserving your assets is what we do best.