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Protect your wishes for medical care with health care directives

Being fully prepared for the future might seem like an impossible task. Since no one can predict the future, you should consider putting instructions in place in the event you become incapacitated and can no longer make decisions for yourself, even temporarily. With health care directives prepared and ready to go, you can make sure your that your family members understand and carry out your wishes for end-of-life or long-term care and treatment.

I am single and in my 20s. Do I need an estate plan?

Many people are waiting longer before having children or getting married. These individuals have started careers in their chosen professions and have started building retirement accounts. They may have purchased a home and are well on their way toward realizing some of their major life goals.

A living will, essential to estate planning

For many individuals and couples, the first step towards establishing a comprehensive estate plan typically starts with a will. Once a will, and perhaps a trust, has been established another important, but often overlooked estate planning component is a living will or health care directive.