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Your Estate Plan Should Match Your Vision For The Future

We create comprehensive estate plans, help clients navigate the probate process and protect their assets.

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A Personal Approach To Important Estate Planning Decisions


At the Law Offices of Alice A. Salvo, we have the resources and tools to help you and your family protect what is important. As you get older, it is beneficial to plan how you will be taken care of, as well as making sure your wishes regarding health care and financial matters are clear. There are many avenues to pursue, and the decisions you make can having lasting effects on you and your family.

Estate planning tools are complex, and the terminology can be difficult to understand. We use a personable approach that puts our clients at ease. It begins by taking the time to fully understand each client’s unique situation and objectives, and then developing a strategy that achieves their goals.

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Experienced And Highly Regarded

Attorney Alice A. Salvo has more than 25 years of experience helping clients with the full range of estate planning matters. She is certified by The State Bar of California in estate planning, trust and probate law. This certification has been earned by only a select few distinguished California Attorneys.


Whether you need to create a new estate plan, have an existing plan updated, navigate the estate administration process, or create a conservatorship or guardianship, we are here to help. Many of our clients say other lawyers they have worked with are hard to reach and do not return messages left for them. All of our clients work directly with Ms. Salvo, from the initial consultation through the resolution of their matter. She returns messages promptly with clear answers that keep you informed.
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Protecting Your Assets

With proper planning, it is possible to prevent life savings from being depleted on assisted living and health care late in life. We guide people through Medi-Cal planning and other methods of asset protection.

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Conservatorships Help Protect Loved Ones

Conservatorships Help Protect Loved Ones

Conservatorships and guardianships provide individuals the legal authority to make financial decisions for those who are unable to make decisions for themselves. We help establish conservatorships and guardianships.

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Every Plan is Different

Far too often, people don’t think it’s a problem to avoid working with estate attorneys in California because they feel that their estates are relatively simple. They see those fillable forms available for purchase, do so, complete them as best they can and then assume that their affairs are in order. Unfortunately, people who take this approach often wish that they had contacted estate attorneys in California well before they did, as when the time comes to enter a will into probate, it’s usually too late to make any real changes.

Don’t assume that all you need to do is fill out a blank will, sign it and put it in your drawer for safe keeping. Every situation is different, every plan is different and therefore every approach to estate planning should be different for every family. The prospect of contacting estate attorneys in California may seem daunting or even unnecessary, but the bottom line is that doing so could lead to more of your assets being protected and your inheritance passing to your intended beneficiaries more efficiently after you pass away.


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It's Never Too late to Start

Estate attorneys in California work with people of all ages who come to them for the first time. If you feel as though it’s too late to even bother planning your estate, you need to rethink that, as there is no age when you’re better off leaving things as-is. You can plan or adjust your estate plan the day before you pass in some cases, and it will still be viable and legally binding. Not to mention, when you work with someone such as Alice A. Salvo, you can rest assured that you’re working with an advocate who will work with your best interests in mind. Attorney Salvo is among the most respected lawyers in Woodland Hills, regardless of practice area, and she will make sure to help you work towards your goals.

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Don't Leave It to the Courts

If your estate winds up in probate court in California, you can expect your heirs to be waiting for your case to be closed for a very long time – months or longer. Not to mention, the fees associated with going through the probate process can have an extremely negative impact on the actual value that passes to your heirs. Don’t allow this to happen – no one looks forward to talking about or planning for their own death, but it’s simply a necessary part of life. Estate lawyers in California make this unavoidable event easier for those who are left behind grieving the loss of a loved one.

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