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Healthcare Directives

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Health Care Directives Are Separate From Power Of Attorney

All of us are going to face the end of our lives at some point, but some will have more time to contemplate this than others. While none of us knows how our time will come, we all know that it will, and that means that we all need to accept that and plan for it so that those who love us are not left in untenable positions based on our lack of action. This is particularly true with regards to those of us who may face medical incapacitation. If you have not yet planned for this real possibility, you need to obtain Los Angeles healthcare directive law services as soon as possible to take care of this loose end.

It may be uncomfortable to plan for the possibility that you will be incapacitated or otherwise unable to make health care decisions on your own, yet it is important to do so for estate planning purposes. An advanced healthcare directive in California, properly formulated and executed, can remove the incredible burden of having to decide your fate from the shoulders of a spouse, sibling or even your child. If you’re not comfortable with leaving such a person in that position, then find Los Angeles healthcare directive law services right now so you can rest assured that this is handled.

An advance health care directive is an estate planning tool used to document an individual’s preferences for end-of-life medical care in the event that he or she becomes incapacitated and unable to make those decisions independently.

At the Law Offices of Alice A. Salvo, we represent clients in a full range of estate planning matters. If you are interested in learning more about building a complete estate plan that includes a health care directive, please contact a Woodland Hills health care directive attorney today. The bottom line is that obtaining Los Angeles healthcare directive law services and other estate planning advice is relatively affordable and does not take too much time. That reality, when coupled with the possibility of creating an extremely difficult, expensive, time-consuming and emotionally taxing situation for your loved ones if these steps are not taken should lead to a clear and simple choice.


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Protect Yourself Through Health Care Directive Planning

An advanced health care directive in California provides specific instructions to be carried out by health care providers if an individual is in an irreversible coma or sick with no hope of recovery, for example. An advance health care directive can address the following:

  • Preferences regarding chemotherapy and cancer treatment
  • Preferences regarding life-sustaining treatments
  • Preferences regarding end-of-life procedures

An advanced health care directive in California is an important part of a complete estate plan, providing specific instructions to be carried out in the event of incapacitation. Our law firm can help you complete your estate plan, identifying how health care directives/living wills, health care powers of attorney, and other tools can benefit you.