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Estate Planning For Domestic Partners

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California Estate Planning For Domestic Partners

Having an estate plan is important for individuals of all incomes and ages. However, estate planning may be even more important for same-sex couples. There are key differences in the laws that apply to individuals in a domestic partnership. Creative estate planning is a must for individuals looking for maximum personal and financial protection.

The Law Offices of Alice A. Salvo is committed to accommodating the diverse estate planning needs of same-sex couples. To learn about creating or modifying your estate plan, please contact us to speak to an attorney regarding California estate planning for domestic partners.

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Estate Planning Solutions For Same-Sex Couples

Although many of the same estate planning tools are used in domestic partnership estate planning, it is often necessary to take an alternative approach to maximize effectiveness of these various tools. Our law firm will help you create a will that will allow you to distribute your assets to your partner or children, appoint your partner as a power of attorney, and create a health care directive that gives your partner the right to make health care decisions on your behalf if you one day become incapacitated.

Domestic partnership laws are ever-evolving, so it may be necessary to update your estate plan from time to time. We can help you through the initial process of creating your estate plan and update it when your life circumstances change or when laws change that affect you.