Why Hire a California Will Attorney??

Creating a will is not the time to short-change your efforts. Wills are hugely important, legally binding documents that can have an outsized impact even if you don’t know what you’re doing. Sure, you could always opt for that free template online, but who knows where that is coming from or if it is even legally binding in your state.

With the wrong approach, you could end up wasting your time or making some huge blunder, jeopardizing the integrity of the decisions that are made and who gets what. After all, the last thing you want is for everyone to end up fighting over the decisions reflected in your will, so it is important to get things right, especially when you’re talking about valuable assets like your worldly possessions, real estate, bank accounts and investments.

A Will is Comprehensive

A will isn’t just an accounting of who gets what, it’s also a document that spells out everything you own, where it goes and who runs the process. It is also where you can designate guardianship, your charitable contributions and other items. Hiring a Los Angeles attorney for a will ensures that everything is accounted for and how to move forward in the event of a dispute, which can help keep things in line despite your absence.

A Will Must Be Legally Binding

For a will to hold any value at all, it must be legally binding. But when you go the DIY route, who knows if what you’re doing has any legal standing at all. Worse yet, if you opt for a template that is valid in another state or that may be out of date, you could inadvertently be heading towards an eventual dispute despite your best intentions. Hiring a Los Angeles will attorney or lawyer enables you to get in front of any potential problems before they become serious issues.

A Will Allows You To Navigate Complicated Family Dynamics

While you likely wouldn’t want the details of your will made public prior to your passing, creating a valid will allows you to navigate complicated family dynamics without it all being so above-board. Whether you have a previous marriage or children with someone other than your partner, a will allows you to account for everyone important in your life, whether they are involved on a day-to-day basis or not. If your circumstances change, hiring a Los Angeles attorney for a will also allows you to update important pieces of your will without redoing the whole thing.

A Will Can Reduce the Tax Burden All Around

If your estate includes a hefty retirement fund, investments, real estate and more, you may actually be doing a disservice to your loved ones by gifting all your assets away in one fell swoop. A Los Angeles will lawyer can advise you of the tax implications imposed on your beneficiaries, helping you to design a strategy that can reduce the tax burden of your assets for everyone involved.

A Will Can Protect You

As long as you are still alive, a will can actually protect your interests. For health issues, you can define a healthcare power of attorney to make important medical decisions on your behalf in case you’re unable to do so. On the financial side of things, a financial power of attorney can help you manage your money if you are unable to do so yourself. Whatever you need, hiring a Los Angeles attorney for a will means you’ll be prepared in the event of any health or financial issue, as well as all the other benefits outlined above.

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