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Do I Need An Attorney For California Probate?

Grandfather who is happy with our probate lawyer services

When a loved one passes on, it is likely that some or all of his or her estate will have to pass through probate. The probate process can be complicated and time-consuming. However, our probate attorney, Alice A. Salvo, can review the estate and advise you as to the most efficient and economic manner to transfer property to the rightful heirs. You can rely on us to inform you of all your options to administer and distribute the estate.

When you hire our firm you will receive the following benefits:

  • You will work with a compassionate probate lawyer who has an advanced law degree (JD + LLM).
  • Alice Salvo personally meets with you to understand and oversee your case. Other firms have a paralegal or intake person.
  • We handle all necessary court appearances and reduce costs with Courtcall.
  • As a probate attorney we are dedicated to keeping you, “in the loop” and we always communicate well.
  • An award-winning probate attorney. Alice A. Salvo is a top-rated lawyer by Martindale-Hubbell for exceptional practice of law. She is included in the list of Superlawyers for outstanding achievement, and has won many presidential honors.

California probate law can be messy, and navigating it on your own can be time-consuming. Our expert representation helps you avoid problems and costly mistakes. Probate lawyer Alice Salvo is a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.

Less than 1 percent of all attorneys in California are certified probate specialists. But if you’re going to navigate California probate law, you’ll want an expert by your side.

Our Probate Services

Our firm helps executors and administrators requiring appointment by the probate court. Once you appoint us as your probate attorney, we then offer the following probate service:

  • Publish and bond your estate
  • Protect assets through the process and assist to value assets
  • Prepare inventory, collect and value assets
  • Pay the required expense of the estate as well as taxes and debts
  • Communicate all beneficiary concerns
  • Give notice to creditors and resolve issues such as creditor claims
  • Sell property, file an accounting, final distribution of the assets

Probate can be an expensive process, often taking a year or longer. California probate law is composed of a large volume of statutes, and is also influenced by prior court cases at the national and state levels. As an experienced probate attorney, whenever possible we work together to reduce the chance of litigation. There are many codes and cases, as well as new and updated laws, so we advise you to hire a lawyer whose sole focus is on probate laws in California, rather than a general practitioner.

Save Costs With Probate Planning

To eliminate the high cost of any probate service it is necessary to plan properly, which means if you’re a homeowner, do estate planning now to take care of your family for the present and future!

When you require a probate attorney or professional guidance with a probate service in Los Angeles County or the San Fernando Valley please contact us at 818-676-9572 for a free consultation.

Your Loved One Just Passed, Now What?

We urge you to please give us a call. We offer emotional comfort with a simple explanation of what must be done immediately and what you can handle at a later date after you have had some grieving time and are feeling better from the tremendous loss of a loved one.

Some cases involve individuals who may have an interest in, or want to make a claim against, an estate. This is where California probate law and related administration of the estate must be strategically handled.

Our expertise in California probate law provides a thorough understanding of responsibilities for executors, administrators and personal representatives. Alice Salvo has over 25 years of handling California probate law cases. In addition she was a Southwestern Law School law professor who taught students all aspects of probate laws in California. Attorney Salvo has been the featured speaker at approximately 250 live seminars on California probate law for over 12,500 people.

Need help with any type of probate service? We have an excellent track record that can benefit you regarding all facets of probate laws in California. Probate attorney Alice Salvo is a Los Angeles estate administration lawyer with a reputation for being through and knowledgeable. Call or use our online contact form to schedule a meeting.