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Are Your Aging Parents Not Able To Manage Their Affairs? A Conservatorship May Help.

12/15/2022 | Conservatorship
Are Your Aging Parents Not Able To Manage Their Affairs A Conservatorship May Help

As your parents age, you will probably notice them slowing down and having more physical and mental limitations. You may also observe that they are not as able to handle their financial and personal care decisions as before. When your aging parents are not able to manage their affairs, a conservatorship may help.

California Conservatorship

In California, the probate court can appoint an individual to serve as another adult’s conservator. This individual will have the legal authority to make certain decisions for the impaired person. The probate court will oversee this arrangement or “conservatorship.” In California, there are two kinds of conservatorships, conservatorship of the person, and conservatorship of the estate. Your parents may need one or both of these types of conservatorships.

Conservatorship of the Person

A conservatorship of the person is a legal relationship where one adult makes decisions for another about issues such as medical care, where the person lives, and about his or her physical needs. If you were your mother’s or father’s conservator, you could make choices about their doctors and medical treatment, and would be responsible for making sure they had adequate food, clothing, and shelter.

Conservatorship of the Estate

A conservator of the estate is a type of conservatorship where the conservator manages financial decisions for another person. When someone takes on this responsibility, he or she will handle matters such as paying routine bills and receiving money owed to the impaired person. The conservator may also have to make choices regarding the conservatee’s business and investment interests.

How Conservatorship Can Help Your Parents

When an aging person begins to show signs that their mental abilities are deteriorating, his or her condition may be more advanced. Before long, you may be faced with having to take immediate action to keep them safe. In this circumstance, being able to step in and direct matters such as your parent’s medical treatment, care, living situation, and finances, will be essential to protecting their interests and well-being.

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