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Topanga Canyon Estate Planning Attorney

Many believe estate planning only applies to the elderly, but it’s never too early to start to plan for the future. Estate planning is valuable for anyone who owns property or has specific desires for their belongings – large or ... Read More

How Can I Ensure My Wishes Are Followed in My Estate Plan?

You may invest considerable time and energy in your estate plan, but how do you ensure it supports your final wishes regarding asset distribution, end-of-life care, funeral plans, and other key considerations? Here are the key benefits of estate planning ... Read More

How a Living Trust Facilitates Ease of Asset Distribution

In a typical week, I receive calls from individuals facing two common situations involving the estates of their deceased relatives. The first scenario involves someone without a will or trust, necessitating a lengthy and costly probate process. This can extend ... Read More

Do I Need An Estate Plan?

Many ask if an estate plan is necessary. If you own a house in Southern California, it’s vital. Avoiding probate is key. For instance, with a million-dollar house and a $900,000 mortgage, probate costs about $23,000 in attorney’s fees and ... Read More

California Conservatorships for Children with Disabilities: What You Need to Know

Our firm specializes in obtaining conservatorships for adult children with developmental disabilities. These conservatorships are referred to as limited conservatorships. Today, I’d like to discuss two distinct types of conservatorships: limited conservatorship and general conservatorship. In a general conservatorship, all ... Read More

Do Living Trusts Help Prevent Family Disputes?

A living trust, also described as a revocable trust, is a popular estate planning tool that allows you to bypass probate, maintain privacy, and keep a higher level of control over your assets after you pass. Moreover, a skilled living ... Read More

Tarzana Estate Planning Attorney

Protect your hard-earned legacy with high-quality estate planning — schedule a consultation today!  You have much to be proud of when looking back on your life. You’ve worked hard to provide for yourself and your loved ones. However, without the ... Read More

Woodland Hills Estate Planning Lawyer

Secure your family’s future with estate planning — schedule your consultation today! When you work hard to provide your family with a secure, comfortable life, you want to take every measure possible to maintain that. Estate planning is the key ... Read More

Understanding How A Conservatorship Works to Help Your Aging Parent

First, the family will need to choose a conservator, often based on their financial skills. Then, I conduct an intake interview with you, asking various questions and completing the necessary forms. We proceed by filling out the conservatorship petition and ... Read More

How Pet Trusts Can Ensure the Care of Your Beloved Pets

If you visit our office, you will be greeted by my two dogs who come to the office every day: Buddy and Puggy. People love their pets, just as I love Buddy and Puggy, and they want to ensure that ... Read More