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What Happens if I Don’t have a Will in California?

Passing away without a will in California can result in your property and assets being distributed in a manner which is not in accordance with your wishes. In some cases, your estate could end up in the hands of relatives ... Read More

Wills v. Trusts: What to do if they conflict

Having a will and a trust can be a great way to plan for your estate and protect your assets. When prepared correctly, these separate legal devices can work in concert as part of a smart estate planning strategy. However, ... Read More

What if I Can’t Find My Parent’s Will?

When a parent dies, it can be a chaotic and painful time. Even when a death is expected, coping with such a significant loss can be difficult. Especially while attending to loved ones as you make final arrangements. Another challenge ... Read More

When are you deemed unable to make your own decisions?

An important part of estate planning in Woodland Hills is making decisions surrounding your end-of-life care. Accidents, disease, or the effects of advancing age could place you in the position of being unable to make rational decisions regarding your own ... Read More

What You Need to Know About Mental Capacity Standards in California

A person’s mental health and intellectual functioning are central to their ability to sign a legal document. When it’s possible a signatory was cognitively impaired at the time he or she created or amended a will or trust, questions can ... Read More

Are Electronic Wills Coming to California?

On March 19, 2020, Governor Newsom issued an order for all California residents to stay home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Since that time, Californians have had to adapt to managing almost every aspect of their lives remotely. ... Read More

Estate Planning and Transmutation of Marital Property

When a married couple is planning for their estate, matters can become surprisingly complicated. This is especially true when the two had assets coming into the marriage, or separate property. Often, spouses mistakenly designate assets in their estate plans without ... Read More

What is Happening with Aretha Franklin’s Estate?

In late June, the trailer for the new biopic “Respect” was released. The highly-anticipated film stars singer and Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson as the “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin. When the legendary R&B artist passed away in August of 2018, she died ... Read More

Can you name your doctor as your health care proxy?

When selecting a family member to become your health care proxy or agent in Woodland Hills, you may run the risk of creating contention by choosing one over the other. To you, an easy way to avoid the potential for ... Read More
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What is the Best Way to Leave My House to My Adult Child

When parents are preparing their estate plans, they usually want to leave as much of their assets and property to their children as possible. When considering how to transfer ownership, it’s often preferable to avoid going through probate. For a ... Read More