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Collecting Child Or Spousal Support From Trust Assets

Different areas of the law may intersect in certain cases. However, two that you might not assume to have much relevance to each other are estate planning and family law. You might be surprised to learn how often these different ... Read More
Rags To Riches 3 Estate Planning Tips For The Self Made

Rags To Riches, 3 Estate Planning Tips For The Self-Made

We have all heard horror stories about wealth that passes down from one generation to another and does not pass the test of time. One of the most infamous examples is the fortune of Cornelius Vanderbilt, who would be worth ... Read More

Inheriting an IRA Can Raise Questions for Beneficiaries

When it comes to inheritance, it often happens that there are mixed feelings. On the one hand, there is the excitement of getting stuff, but on the other hand there is also the burden of figuring out how to handle ... Read More

Heirs of Late Artist Lose Copyright Dispute With Marvel Comics

The heirs of the late comic book artist Jack Kirby reportedly lost an appeal of a case involving a dispute with Marvel Entertainment over the rights to certain famous comic book heroes. Kirby has been gone for some time, having died back ... Read More

Retirement Account Mistakes Can Bring Estate Plan Down

Because retirement accounts are often a significant portion of people’s estates, it is important for folks to understand the importance of correctly managing these accounts in the context of estate planning. Because handling retirement accounts requires an understanding not only ... Read More

Photos of Robert Johnson are Continued Subject of Dispute

Blues fans may have heard about the dispute involving photographs of the legendary blues musician Robert Johnson. The dispute, which has been going on for nearly 25 years, involves the question of who has rights to the photographs. On one ... Read More

Sparing Beneficiaries Capital Gains Tax on Bypass Trust Assets

As we have previously noted on this blog, the need for a bypass trust in estate planning has dwindled since Congress made portability a permanent feature of tax law, but there are still some uses for bypass trusts, particularly at ... Read More

Cohen Family Involved in Will Dispute in NJ

Legal problems regarding a last will and testament are never a source of joy for families, even for the party or parties who initiate them in hopes of getting more of what they deserve, perhaps especially for them. Family members ... Read More

Who Will Inherit Paul Walker’s Estate?

The sudden death of a loved one can be incredibly stressful for any family. But when that person dies without having written up a will, this trying time can become that much more difficult to handle. Such may be the ... Read More

Make Sure Your Beneficiary Designations Are Updated

Most of our California readers have dealt with beneficiary designations at one point or another. Beneficiary designations are specifications as to who will receive the proceeds of an account at the death of the account holder. They are used in ... Read More