Why Does My Fathers Estate Have to Go Through Probate?

Losing a parent can be one of the most difficult experiences in a person’s life. In the midst of grieving and making final arrangements, you may also be tasked with determining how to manage your parent’s estate. If you are unfamiliar with the probate process, you may be wondering: Why does my father’s estate have to go through probate?

What Can I Do to Remove a Conservator?

In California, if an adult cannot care for their physical or financial needs, a court can formally appoint another person to make decisions on their behalf. The designated individual (conservator) will be under a legal obligation to perform specific tasks to assist...

What Happens in a Probate Case?

If you haven’t been through the process, thinking about what happens in a probate case can be confusing or even anxiety-producing. Furthermore, not knowing the procedures and what to expect can make matters more daunting. By having a basic idea of how a probate case...


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