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Living Trust

Should Parents of Young Children Create a Living Trust?

As a young parent, you’re busy helping your children with homework, cooking dinner on weeknights, and planning fun weekend activities for the whole family. Estate planning may not be a top priority for you right now. However, you should consider ... Read More
Exploring Different Types Of Trusts For Elderly Individuals

Exploring Different Types of Trusts for Elderly Individuals

You’ve likely heard the estate planning term “trust” before, but did you know that different types of trusts offer varying advantages for elderly individuals? At the Law Offices of Alice A. Salvo, you can gain information and assistance with how ... Read More
7 Tips For California Special Needs Estate Planning

7 Tips for California Special Needs Estate Planning

Preparing for the future is particularly important when you care for a loved one with special needs. Their future care after you pass away or are no longer able to personally meet their needs requires careful forethought and advance planning. ... Read More
What Is A Slat (spousal Lifetime Access Trust) In Estate Planning

What is a SLAT (Spousal Lifetime Access Trust) in Estate Planning?

Tax laws can change quickly, so you need an effective estate plan in place to help you protect your assets and secure your future. One such estate planning tool is the Spousal Lifetime Access Trust, or SLAT. How can you ... Read More

Making a Pet Trust Part of Your Estate Plan

Having a furry friend really does make a difference in your life. You don’t need studies or statistics to tell you that you feel calmer, your heart beats slower and your blood pressure evens out when you are sitting on ... Read More
Is Your Living Trust In Order

Is Your Living Trust In Order?

Having a California living trust is an excellent way to plan for your estate and provide for your beneficiaries. However, as with any part of your estate plan, it’s essential to make regular updates. If you have not revisited this ... Read More

Do You Need A Living Trust?

The phrase “estate planning” conjures up images of old guys in smoking jackets and their trophy wives figuring out who will get to inherit their palatial mansion when they die. But, if you’ve been paying attention, you should already know ... Read More

Involvement Of Various Parties In A Living Trust

Because the probate process in California can be drawn out and difficult, many residents may consider living trusts as an alternative to a will. However, it is important to understand the difference between a revocable and an irrevocable trust due to the ... Read More

Estates With Charitable Trusts Must Satisfy IRS Rules

The IRS maintains specific definitions concerning what constitutes a valid trust that can be included in a Californian estate. Although many people want to donate assets to charitable causes, the estate devices they employ to do so don’t necessarily benefit ... Read More

Avoiding Common Pitfalls When Setting Up A Trust

California residents may be unaware about the most common mistakes people make when planning an estate trust. While it may be difficult to think about, not taking precautions when arranging a trust can cause major dilemmas in the future. For ... Read More