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Young smiling couple planning their estate with paperwork and calculator on table

Estate Planning for Young Adults in California

When you hear the phrase “estate planning”, chances are your older relatives come to mind. After all, only your parents and grandparents should worry about their assets – right? It might surprise you, but the answerREAD MORE >
Senior woman signing papers for estate plan

Can an Executor Change a Will?

An executor plays a key role in managing a deceased’s person’s estate when they pass away. But what powers does an executor have? And can a will be changed by an executor? If you’re named asREAD MORE >
Relaxed senior man signing a legal document at home for his estate plan

What Happens After Probate Is Closed in California?

The probate process can be confusing. However, it’s often a key part of settling a person’s estate–and letting those left behind move on. But what happens after probate is “closed”? And how long does the processREAD MORE >
Senior man and woman meeting with an estate planning attorney to discuss their estate plans 

When Is Probate Required in California?

Probate is a legal process for settling assets after a person dies. “Assets” include homes, bank accounts, retirement accounts, and other personal property. The issue is that probate can be a complex – and lengthy –READ MORE >

Topanga Canyon Estate Planning Attorney

Many believe estate planning only applies to the elderly, but it’s never too early to start to plan for the future. Estate planning is valuable for anyone who owns property or has specific desires for theirREAD MORE >