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How Do I Estate Plan For My Disabled Child

How Do I Estate plan for My Disabled Child?

When your child has special needs, there are several things you need to do to plan for their future. One of the most important ways to prepare for your child with a disability is through estate planning. Therefore, if your ... Read More
How Long Does Probate Take In California Without A Will

How Long Does Probate Take in California Without A Will?

When a person dies without a formal will in place, California state law steps in and determines how the decedent’s estate is handled. This is defined legally as passing away intestate. In general, the assets of a person who dies intestate ... Read More
How Long After Probate Is Granted Will I Get My Money

How Long After Probate Is Granted Will I Get My Money?

Appointment of a personal representative enables the administrator of the estate (the fiduciary) to handle the estate. Some of the duties now required by the representative is to gather the assets of the estate, pay liabilities and debts, settle creditor ... Read More

How Long After Probate Can Funds Be Distributed?

One thing we have learned from our time practicing in the area of estate planning is that no two client estate plans are exactly the same. It follows that no two probate procedures are the same. How long probate funds ... Read More

How Can I Avoid Inheritance Disputes?

It’s not uncommon for contentious fights to break out among families when it comes to inheritance issues. However, parents leave assets to their kids to help them, not to cause strife that can be both expensive as well as emotionally ... Read More

Study Shows Two Thirds of Americans Lack a Health Care Directive

An effective estate plan for many California families includes creating a durable power of attorney for health care directive. It appears, however, that two-thirds of individuals across the nation fail to do so. Generally referred to as a living will, ... Read More

How to Help Your Parents Age in Place

When a loved one grows older, he or she may have difficulty with certain everyday tasks. Many seniors prefer to stay in their own homes as they age instead of moving to an assisted living residence or long-term care facility. ... Read More
California Succession Planning

California Succession Planning

When you own a family business, one critical issue to consider is how you plan to pass your interest and ownership on to surviving members in your estate plan. Depending on the individuals involved and their dynamics, there could potentially ... Read More
Why You Need To Update Your Estate Plan

Is at home or out of home long term care right for you?

You will undoubtedly face many unexpected situations over the course of your lifetime. Some of those events may bring joy to you and your family, and other incidents may cause considerable stress and uncertainty. Though you cannot plan for all ... Read More
What Is A California Trust Administration

Seeking Guidance on the Various Types and Benefits of Trusts

With a certain amount of uncertainty involved, many individuals may be hesitant to put a plan in place for the future. However, chances are, you may have preferences as to the distribution of your assets and how you wish to ... Read More