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Common Mistakes When Transferring Assets To Qualify For Medi Cal

Common Mistakes When Transferring Assets to Qualify for Medi-Cal

For many people, retirement planning will include downsizing and budgeting for the future. One area that can sometimes get overlooked during this process is Medi-Cal planning. Unlike Medicare, Medi-Cal (California’s Medicaid program) pays for long-term care services such as those ... Read More
How To Avoid Medi Cal Estate Recovery

How To Avoid Medi-Cal Estate Recovery

Medi-Cal (California Medicaid) is a government program that pays for certain types of essential medical services. Medi-Cal can be a vital resource for those who are retirement age because the program pays for long-term nursing home care expenses. When a ... Read More
5 Simple Ways To Prevent The Nursing Home From Taking Your Parents’ Money

5 Simple Ways to Prevent the Nursing Home from Taking Your Parents’ Money

As your parents age, long-term care issues may become increasingly important. It’s not always possible to know when a significant health condition will arise. However, if your elderly parent becomes ill or is injured, they may need nursing home care. ... Read More
Can Medi Cal Take My Home Equity

Can Medi-Cal Take My Home Equity?

Millions of California seniors rely on Medi-Cal (California Medicaid) benefits for their health care needs. Medi-Cal provides essential health care coverage at no charge to qualifying recipients. However, the program is asset-tested, meaning that recipients can only have a small ... Read More
Does A Living Trust Protect Assets From Nursing Homes

Does a Living Trust Protect Assets from Nursing Homes?

Millions of Californians rely on Medi-Cal (California Medicaid) to pay for nursing home care. This is because, unlike Medicare, the Medi-Cal program pays for these and other long-term care services. However, Medi-Cal is income-sensitive, and someone with too many valuable ... Read More
The Step By Step Guide To Protecting Your Home From Medi Cal

The Step by Step Guide to Protecting Your Home from Medi-Cal

When people need to qualify for Medi-Cal to pay for long-term care services, they soon realize that the program has strict income and resource limits. If you own a home and need Medi-Cal, you will need to know: 1) how ... Read More
Common Medi Cal Asset Transfer Mistakes

Common Medi-Cal Asset Transfer Mistakes

In California, Medi-Cal, California’s Medicaid program, is often an essential resource for those who need long-term care services. However, the program may disqualify a Medi-Cal applicant with too many resources. As a result, when someone is trying to qualify for ... Read More