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How Do You Resign The Role Of Trustee?

Serving as the trustee of a trust created by a client, associate or someone close to you in Woodland Hills can be an arduous task. Initially, you may have no problem taking it on out of your sense of loyalty ... Read More
Types Of Trust Distributions In California

Types of Trust Distributions in California

In California, the Probate Code governs various types of trusts. There are revocable and irrevocable trusts, legacy trust, trust for those with special needs, and others. All of these are legal constructs that usually have named beneficiaries. Beneficiaries receive payments ... Read More

How Can Undue Influence Invalidate a Will?

If you are like many people in California and across the United States, you created your last will and testament while you were of sound mind and body. When writing your will, you determine who you want to have your ... Read More

What Are The Benefits of a Trust?

Any California residents who are dealing with matters of an estate for perhaps the first time can likely have a lot of good questions. Let us focus on trusts, and what their benefits can be for you and your estate. ... Read More

Should Your Attorney Be Your Executor?

As you likely already know, when you make a Last Will and Testament in California, in addition to naming the heirs who you want to receive your property upon your death, you also appoint an executor to carry out your ... Read More

What are your duties as an estate executor?

Last week we discussed the fact that when you assume the responsibilities of becoming the executor of someone’s California estate, one of your duties will be to pay the taxes owed by both the deceased person and the estate itself. ... Read More

How can you identify undue influence?

The term “undue influence” refers to influence strong enough to abolish the free will of a person. Sadly, the undue influence over older and disabled persons is a growing problem in California and throughout the greater U.S., one that results ... Read More
Why You Need To Update Your Estate Plan

Understanding what a trustee does before choosing one

Many people put off estate planning because they don’t want to think about their own deaths. Others put it off because they think it’s only necessary for rich or old people. Then others put it off because they are overwhelmed ... Read More
Removing Your Loved One’s Special Needs Trust Trustee

Removing Your Loved One’s Special Needs Trust Trustee

When you have a loved one with a significant disability, setting up a special needs trust is often a fundamental part of making sure they can live comfortably. When managed wisely, this financial resource can help pay for additional expenses ... Read More

Reviewing Executor Compensation In California

The task of being the executor of an estate in Woodland Hills can be a daunting one. According to the American Bar Association, the duties of an executor include handling unpaid debts and expenses, overseeing the proper administration of trusts and gift ... Read More