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More Information - Powers of Attorney

Power Of Attorney For Financial Matters

A financial power of attorney is a document that allows your selected representative legal authority to act on your behalf regarding financial matters. This person, typically referred to as your agent or attorney-in-fact, must act to make the best decisions for you when you are not able. Whether these decisions involve business operations and transactions or signing certain financial documents, this person will act in your best interest.

Power Of Attorney For Health Care

When you have a power of attorney services for health care, the document designates a person responsible for making medical decisions for you in an emergency. A health care directive should be as detailed as possible to meet all your needs and address issues such as cremation and organ donation. The document takes effect once a doctor declares you lack the capacity to make your health care decisions for yourself. With the assistance of a Los Angeles lawyer, setting up a power of attorney for health care is the right thing to do. Make sure to legally implement all of your health care wishes should an emergency arise.

Power Of Attorney Is Part Of A Comprehensive Estate Plan

You may be healthy now, however, an unexpected accident or illness could create havoc in your life if you have not prepared for someone to have the power of managing your affairs. It is a good idea to establish a power of attorney so that someone is able to manage your affairs in case an unexpected situation arises.

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