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California Conservatorships for Children with Disabilities: What You Need to Know

10/23/2023 | Blog

Our firm specializes in obtaining conservatorships for adult children with developmental disabilities. These conservatorships are referred to as limited conservatorships. Today, I’d like to discuss two distinct types of conservatorships: limited conservatorship and general conservatorship.
In a general conservatorship, all of the individual’s rights are revoked. However, in a limited conservatorship, some rights may be retained at certain times. This is why it is termed a limited conservatorship. We address seven different categories of rights that we may either grant or restrict to ensure the protection of the individual. One of these categories is the right to make medical decisions. If you have a disabled child who is unable to make medical decisions independently, obtaining a conservatorship is essential. Before your child turns 18, you, as the parent, have the authority to make medical decisions on their behalf. However, once they reach the age of 18, this authority diminishes. Consequently, it is vital to contact our office for a free consultation. To establish a limited conservatorship for your child, it is advisable to commence the process when they are 17 and a half years old. This timeframe ensures that the limited conservatorship is in place by the time they turn 18. If you wish to schedule a free consultation with the law offices of Alice Salvo, we are available to discuss limited conservatorships and address any questions you may have.