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Planning For Long Term Care In California

Planning for Long-Term Care in California

When you are making plans to retire, you usually have thoughts of spending time doing the things you enjoy the most. The last thing that may cross your mind is needing long-term care services because of mobility impairment or health ... Read More

How to Protect Older Parents From Scammers

Adult children want nothing but the best for their parents. Sadly, as we age, we become more susceptible to exploitation. According to Consumer Affairs, more than 3.5 million seniors get ripped off every year. Still, there are steps that loving offspring can ... Read More
What Are Considered Medi Cal Assets

What Are Considered Medi-Cal Assets?

Medi-Cal (California Medicaid) is a government program that provides essential healthcare coverage for individuals with limited income. The program is means-tested, meaning that qualifying Medi-Cal recipients cannot have income and assets that exceed a certain value amount and still maintain ... Read More
Why You Need To Protect Assets From The Medi Cal Spend Down

Why You Need to Protect Assets from the Medi-Cal Spend Down

California Medicaid, or Medi-Cal, is a needs-based federal program that provides health care coverage for qualifying individuals. To determine eligibility, Medi-Cal will examine whether an applicant’s property, assets, and income exceed the program’s financial limit. If the value of your ... Read More
How Do I Estate Plan For My Disabled Child

The Benefits of California’s IHSS Program

For you, taking care of your disabled child is a full-time job. Receiving help from friends and family members can only go so far, and relying on them all hours, day and night, makes you feel guilty or that you ... Read More
Why You Need To Update Your Estate Plan

Is at home or out of home long term care right for you?

You will undoubtedly face many unexpected situations over the course of your lifetime. Some of those events may bring joy to you and your family, and other incidents may cause considerable stress and uncertainty. Though you cannot plan for all ... Read More
Understanding Medi Cal Estate Recovery

Your needs may not qualify for Medicare coverage

If you were unable to attend the recent seminar on protecting your assets when you need nursing home care, you may have missed out on vital information that could bring you some peace of mind as you get older. Many ... Read More
The Importance Of Having A California Elder Law Attorney

Could a trust help you qualify for Medi-Cal?

When you reach your older years and time of retirement, you may find yourself among the many individuals who need long-term care. Numerous issues could result in the need for this care, such as mental deterioration, serious illness or injuries. ... Read More
Planning When Your Parent Has Alzheimer’s

Planning When Your Parent Has Alzheimer’s

Being the son or daughter of someone with Alzheimer’s disease can be emotionally and financially devastating. As your parent’s health and functioning decline, you can be overwhelmed with managing the daily challenge of keeping them safe while enduring difficult, and ... Read More
Recognizing And Addressing Undue Influence

Recognizing and Addressing Undue Influence

A sad reality is there are some people who are willing to manipulate others for their own gain. These same individuals usually do not have reservations about exerting their influence over someone who is vulnerable in order to financially benefit. ... Read More