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How to Protect Older Parents From Scammers

Adult children want nothing but the best for their parents. Sadly, as we age, we become more susceptible to exploitation.

According to Consumer Affairs, more than 3.5 million seniors get ripped off every year. Still, there are steps that loving offspring can take to protect them.

How to help older parents

Discussion is one of the chief weapons in the arsenal against elder fraud. Once loved ones bring up a questionable opportunity, say why the offer does not make sense. You may be able to get them to see the situation differently.

Never blame older people for their thinking, even after they fall victim. Instead of helping, this only makes them resistant to new perspectives.

Delist landlines with phone carriers so that scammers have a more difficult time getting their numbers. Think about providing a cellphone; mobile devices tend to have fewer questionable callers.

Make a habit of checking credit reports. That way, you can spot fraudulent activity soon after it happens.

What to do if your older parents get scammed

Collect all documentation about what has been going on. Then, contact someone who specializes in elder care matters. These individuals are capable of providing legal advice about what monies are recoverable. Also, report the scam to local police, in addition to Adult Protective Services. This simple action protects countless individuals.

It is upsetting that unscrupulous characters exist, and yet they do. We should all play a role in shielding vulnerable citizens from harm. Use these tips to fight back against those who would do wrong.