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Lessons from Stan Lee’s Estate

In November of 2018, the Marvel universe lost its former publisher and chairman Stan Lee. Lee, the co-creator of legendary comic book superheroes such as Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and Black Panther, passed away at 95 after battling ... Read More

Does a Beneficiary Have the Right to See a Trust Document?

A trust can be an invaluable estate planning tool. These devices give the grantor, or trust creator, the ability to direct assets into a separate legal entity for the benefit of named beneficiaries. Throughout its existence, the trust will be ... Read More
Estate Planning

Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples to Protect Assets

Good estate planning is always important, but you should put even more care into your estate plan if you and your significant other choose a long-term partnership over legal marriage. A thorough estate plan will help prevent serious issues in ... Read More
Estate Planning For Unmarried California Couples

Benefits of Estate Planning for Unmarried California Couples

Unmarried partners may not think they need legal documents defining their end-of-life plans. Thorough estate planning for unmarried couples can protect everyone’s wishes after they pass. As unregistered domestic partners, you must take extra steps to protect your asset division ... Read More
Estate Planning For Blended Families

Ensuring Fairness in Estate Planning for Blended Families

Estate planning for blended families is commonly overlooked. When you marry a new spouse, especially if you each have children, you are likely to begin generating wealth and collecting assets together. You will need an estate plan in place to ... Read More
Living Trust

Does a Living Trust Safeguard Your Estate in California?

Trusts aren’t just for the wealthy. A growing number of Americans from all walks of life are incorporating living trusts into their estate plans. Learn how a living trust can safeguard your estate. For assistance with establishing a trust, contact ... Read More
7 Tips For California Special Needs Estate Planning

7 Tips for California Special Needs Estate Planning

Preparing for the future is particularly important when you care for a loved one with special needs. Their future care after you pass away or are no longer able to personally meet their needs requires careful forethought and advance planning. ... Read More
Who Needs Estate Planning

Who Needs Estate Planning?

Perhaps the most severe miscalculation you can make concerning your future is assuming that only the wealthy need estate planning. While many do not wish to think about death, planning for a secure future for you and your family is ... Read More

Is Estate Planning Tax Deductible?

Every year before the tax deadline, people search for as many tax deductions as possible to lower their income tax liability. The California Estate Planning Attorneys at Salvo Law are often asked, “Are legal fees for estate planning tax deductible?” ... Read More
What Is A Slat (spousal Lifetime Access Trust) In Estate Planning

What is a SLAT (Spousal Lifetime Access Trust) in Estate Planning?

Tax laws can change quickly, so you need an effective estate plan in place to help you protect your assets and secure your future. One such estate planning tool is the Spousal Lifetime Access Trust, or SLAT. How can you ... Read More