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Explaining estate jurisdiction

Whenever someone living in or with ties to Woodland Hills passes away, those close to him or her typically begin to prepare for the process of administering his or her estate. Aside from ensuring that a personal representative has been ... Read More

Understanding the Probate Homestead Exemption

Most in Woodland Hills would likely list their homes as being among their most valuable possessions. That’s likely due to the fact that one’s home is much more than just a simple investment building equity. Rather, it offers peace-of-mind in ... Read More

California credit card debt after death

In many instances, credit card debt does not die with an individual, but unless an account was opened jointly, a surviving friend or relative will not have to pay off the debt in most cases. During the estate administration, it is ... Read More

What Can I Do if an Executor is Not Doing Their Job?

When a person passes away, numerous tasks need to be completed to administer their estate. If the individual died without a will, the probate court will designate an administrator to assist with the process. If the decedent had a will, ... Read More
Can You Sell A House In Probate

Can You Sell a House in Probate?

The short answer? Yes! However, the process may be more complex than one would think. If you wish to buy or sell property involved in a probate proceeding, there are some additional factors to consider that are not involved in ... Read More
What Does A Probate Bond Do

What Does a Probate Bond Do?

A person who acts in a manner that prioritizes the welfare of another, in this example the beneficiaries of an estate, over their personal interests is known as a fiduciary. In the state of California, a probate bond is often obligatory ... Read More
Why Does My Fathers Estate Have To Go Through Probate

Why Does My Fathers Estate Have to Go Through Probate?

Losing a parent can be one of the most difficult experiences in a person’s life. In the midst of grieving and making final arrangements, you may also be tasked with determining how to manage your parent’s estate. If you are ... Read More
How To Avoid Probate The Right Way

How to Avoid Probate the Right Way

Probate court proceedings are frequently drawn out events. A deceased individual’s assets are transferred to the people entitled to inherit them through this process. Probate is frequently costly, arcane, and uncomfortable for surviving family members. Anyone who has gone through ... Read More
How Long Does Probate Take In California Without A Will

How Long Does Probate Take in California Without A Will?

When a person dies without a formal will in place, California state law steps in and determines how the decedent’s estate is handled. This is defined legally as passing away intestate. In general, the assets of a person who dies intestate ... Read More
How Long After Probate Is Granted Will I Get My Money

How Long After Probate Is Granted Will I Get My Money?

Appointment of a personal representative enables the administrator of the estate (the fiduciary) to handle the estate. Some of the duties now required by the representative is to gather the assets of the estate, pay liabilities and debts, settle creditor ... Read More