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How Long After Probate Can Funds Be Distributed?

One thing we have learned from our time practicing in the area of estate planning is that no two client estate plans are exactly the same. It follows that no two probate procedures are the same. How long probate funds ... Read More
How Long Does Probate Take In California

How Long Does Probate Take in California?

In a nutshell, it can take anywhere from nine to eighteen months on average. However, the procedure can take much more time if the estate in question is complicated or challenged in court. On the other hand, if you have ... Read More
What To Expect When Probating A California Will

3 Aspects of Probate You May Need to Know

After a loved one dies, you certainly know that many tasks will need attention. However, you may find yourself among numerous other Woodland Hills residents who feel some confusion when it comes to settling the estate of a deceased individual. ... Read More
What Is Probate

Does your loved one’s estate need probate or administration?

When a beloved family member dies, you may know that many different affairs will need addressing. You may wonder whether you have the right or ability to help handle those remaining tasks, and the answer to that question may depend ... Read More
What To Expect When Probating A California Will

What to Expect When Probating a California Will

When a loved one passes away, having to take care of final arrangements while dealing with the pain of their loss can be disorienting.  As you and your family make immediate plans, their estate is also going to need attention. ... Read More
What Is Probate

What is Probate?

Many people don’t think about the word probate until someone close to them passes away. If the death was unexpected, this mysterious legal term may be mentioned in passing as loved ones cope with their shock and grief and make ... Read More
What Is A California Trust Administration

What is a California Trust Administration?

A living trust is legal device wherein a trust creator (settlor) can put assets and funds while they are alive for the benefit of named beneficiaries. When the settlor passes away, the trust has to go through something called a ... Read More
What Is A Simplified Proceeding In California

What is a Simplified Proceeding in California?

It comes as a surprise to many that when a person passes away with assets, his or her estate may be able to avoid probate. In California, when assets and property can bypass probate, they may be able to do ... Read More
Choosing A Personal Representative

Choosing a Personal Representative

Your California last will and testament is a critical legal instrument that allows you to say what assets you have and where you want them to go, provide instructions regarding your final wishes, and name potential guardians for your minor ... Read More
Common Probate Questions And Answers

Common Probate Questions and Answers

1. What is Probate? Probate is a court-supervised process for transferring ownership of a person’s assets after death. This process confirms the person’s will and distributes property in accordance with the will. If the decedent died without leaving a will ... Read More