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What Is The Executor’s Role In The Probate Process?

Creating a last will and testament can be a tedious process. It can be difficult to consider what happens to your property and assets once you pass. As part of your last will and testament, you may want to choose ... Read More
Planning For A Conflict Free California Probate

Planning for a Conflict-Free California Probate

Being involved in a probate case can be a stressful experience. While you are dealing with the loss of a loved one, this impersonal legal process can make managing their final expenses and assets difficult. When there are disagreements between ... Read More
The Right Way To Prepare Your Estate For California Probate

The Right Way to Prepare Your Estate for California Probate

Planning for the future of your assets, debts, and property is a responsible and considerate act. Not only will you have the peace of mind which comes with making sure your final wishes are known, but you will also help ... Read More

What Are The Basics of Probate?

Californian residents who are dealing with the aftermath of the passing of a loved one will likely have to go through the probate process. This can be somewhat complex and difficult to deal with, but there are ways to get through. ... Read More
What You Must Know About California Probate

What You Must Know about California Probate

Having to navigate the probate process after a loved one’s death can be stressful.  This unfamiliar area has seemingly endless rules and requirements which are confusing and difficult to understand.  By taking time to learn about this process before it becomes a ... Read More
Why You Need A Probate Attorney

Why You Need a Probate Attorney

Most people don’t think about what may be involved during probate until someone close to them passes away. During this difficult time, families have to make decisions about final arrangements and determine how to manage their loved one’s estate. It ... Read More

What Happens If Your Parent Passes Away Without a Will?

Wills and trusts give instructions for who receives your parent’s assets after death. But if your parent doesn’t have a will, who gets the estate? When people pass away without a will, they die intestate. California probate courts rule on intestacy ... Read More

Michael Jackson’s Estate Scores a Win in Battle With HBO

One of the most important decisions that those involved in the estate planning process in Woodland Hills will make is the choice of their personal representative or executor. When they nominate someone for this role, they may not simply be ... Read More

Five Qualities You Need in Your Probate Attorney

Dealing with the loss of a loved one while having to manage the details of their estate can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t know where to begin. Without guidance, you could miss important deadlines and make crucial mistakes. Fortunately, ... Read More

Does Your Estate Need To Go To Probate?

People often underestimate the importance of an estate plan. If you die without any legal directive as to what you want to happen with your assets, then the state steps in and makes those decisions for you. In many cases, ... Read More