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Tips for Executors Getting Started With Probate

If you are the executor for a loved one’s will, chances are at least a portion, if not the entirety of the estate must pass through California probate. The process is often time-consuming as it has a significant number of ... Read More

What Are The Steps Of The Probate Process?

If you have recently had a friend or family member pass away, you are probably familiar with the time it takes to settle someone’s estate. You have also probably asked yourself the meaning of the word probate. Probate refers to ... Read More
Types Of Trust Distributions In California

Types of Trust Distributions in California

In California, the Probate Code governs various types of trusts. There are revocable and irrevocable trusts, legacy trust, trust for those with special needs, and others. All of these are legal constructs that usually have named beneficiaries. Beneficiaries receive payments ... Read More

Should You Keep a Will in a Safe Deposit Box

Making sure probate goes as fast as possible will help your heirs receive their inheritance without a substantial delay. However, if you store your will in a safe deposit box at your bank, you may end up delaying the probate ... Read More

What Happens When Your Parent Dies Without a Will?

Losing a parent is almost always difficult, but if you lose your mother or father and find out he or she never created a will, you may face even more hardship. When your parent dies “intestate,” or without a will, ... Read More
What Is Probate

What Happens in a Probate Case?

If you haven’t been through the process, thinking about what happens in a probate case can be confusing or even anxiety-producing. Furthermore, not knowing the procedures and what to expect can make matters more daunting. By having a basic idea ... Read More
What Does A Guardian Ad Litem Do During A Probate Court Case

What Does a Guardian Ad Litem do During a Probate Court Case?

If you or a loved one is involved in a probate court case, you may have heard the term “guardian ad litem.” A guardian ad litem can play an essential part in a California probate case, and it’s important to ... Read More
What Questions Do You Ask A Probate Attorney After Your Loved One Has Died

What Questions Do You Ask a Probate Attorney After Your Loved One Has Died?

When someone close to you dies, everything can become chaotic very quickly. In the middle of grieving your loss, you have to work out funeral arrangements, talk to friends and family members, and manage everyday tasks. On top of all ... Read More
What Happens During A California Probate Case

What Happens During a California Probate Case?

When a loved one passes away, it can be a painful and challenging time for their survivors. While managing their grief, family members often have to make final arrangements while also trying to determine how to transfer their loved one’s ... Read More
Can I Help An Elderly Family Member Who Can No Longer Take Care Of Himself Or Herself

Can I Help an Elderly Family Member Who Can no Longer Take Care of Himself or Herself?

As your parents and other loved ones get older, they can experience health changes that can make it much more difficult for them to care for themselves. You may start to notice changes such as slower reaction times while driving, ... Read More