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How Can I Plan For My Disabled Sibling

Setting up a special needs trust for the benefit of a loved one

It can be incredibly difficult to care for a loved one with special needs, and often, California families facing this unique challenge often wonder about how they can continue to provide care long into the future. There is not way ... Read More
What Is A California Trust Administration

Seeking Guidance on the Various Types and Benefits of Trusts

With a certain amount of uncertainty involved, many individuals may be hesitant to put a plan in place for the future. However, chances are, you may have preferences as to the distribution of your assets and how you wish to ... Read More
The Importance Of Having A California Elder Law Attorney

Could a trust help you qualify for Medi-Cal?

When you reach your older years and time of retirement, you may find yourself among the many individuals who need long-term care. Numerous issues could result in the need for this care, such as mental deterioration, serious illness or injuries. ... Read More
What Is The Best Plan For My Sibling With Special Needs

What is the best plan for my sibling with special needs?

In families where a child has extensive special needs, siblings and their parents often band together to make sure they have all they require and that the household runs smoothly. As the child’s brothers and sisters grow up and begin ... Read More
Finding The Best Resources For My Child With Autism

Finding the Best Resources for my Child with Autism

Today, hearing that a child has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is not as uncommon as in previous generations. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 1 in 59 children has been identified with (ASD) according to estimates from its Autism ... Read More
Why You Need To Start Funding Your Child’s Special Needs Trust Now

Why You Need to Start Funding Your Child’s Special Needs Trust Now

When you are a parent of a child with a severe disability, financially preparing for his or her long-term future is imperative. You want to do everything in your power today, to make sure your child is able to live ... Read More
Ways To Fund Your Disabled Loved One’s Special Needs Trust

Ways to Fund Your Disabled Loved One’s Special Needs Trust

When someone you love has a significant disability, caring for their daily needs can become the central focus of the family. Many families want to plan for their loved one’s long-term needs. One way to prepare for your loved one’s ... Read More
Removing Your Loved One’s Special Needs Trust Trustee

Removing Your Loved One’s Special Needs Trust Trustee

When you have a loved one with a significant disability, setting up a special needs trust is often a fundamental part of making sure they can live comfortably. When managed wisely, this financial resource can help pay for additional expenses ... Read More
How Can I Plan For My Disabled Sibling

How Can I Plan for My Disabled Sibling?

When a child has a significant special need or disability, their parents often take care of them well into adulthood. As time passes and aging parents can no longer provide for their child’s advanced needs, the caregiver alternatives are ordinarily ... Read More