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The Right Way To Prepare Your Estate For California Probate

The Right Way to Prepare Your Estate for California Probate

Planning for the future of your assets, debts, and property is a responsible and considerate act. Not only will you have the peace of mind which comes with making sure your final wishes are known, but you will also help ... Read More
Types Of Trust Distributions In California

Types of Trust Distributions in California

In California, the Probate Code governs various types of trusts. There are revocable and irrevocable trusts, legacy trust, trust for those with special needs, and others. All of these are legal constructs that usually have named beneficiaries. Beneficiaries receive payments ... Read More

What Are The Benefits of a Trust?

Any California residents who are dealing with matters of an estate for perhaps the first time can likely have a lot of good questions. Let us focus on trusts, and what their benefits can be for you and your estate. ... Read More
What Is A California Trust Administration

Seeking Guidance on the Various Types and Benefits of Trusts

With a certain amount of uncertainty involved, many individuals may be hesitant to put a plan in place for the future. However, chances are, you may have preferences as to the distribution of your assets and how you wish to ... Read More
The Importance Of Having A California Elder Law Attorney

Could a trust help you qualify for Medi-Cal?

When you reach your older years and time of retirement, you may find yourself among the many individuals who need long-term care. Numerous issues could result in the need for this care, such as mental deterioration, serious illness or injuries. ... Read More
Why You Need To Update Your Estate Plan

Understanding what a trustee does before choosing one

Many people put off estate planning because they don’t want to think about their own deaths. Others put it off because they think it’s only necessary for rich or old people. Then others put it off because they are overwhelmed ... Read More
The Dangers Of An Unfunded Trust

The Dangers of an Unfunded Trust

Having the insight to set up a trust for your funds and assets is forward thinking and can be a smart move. These helpful legal devices create a space where you can move property, money, and valuables, and keep them ... Read More
Settlor’s Rights And Your Revocable Living Trust

Settlor’s Rights and Your Revocable Living Trust

A revocable living trust can be a powerful estate planning tool and an effective means to keep valuable assets out of probate. Before setting up your trust, it’s important to know your rights as the trust creator or settlor. Here ... Read More
Why Getting A Living Trust Online In Minutes Is Not Worth It

Why Getting a Living Trust Online in Minutes Is Not Worth It

Today, it seems like we manage almost every aspect of our lives online. From banking to grocery shopping, there is practically nothing we can’t buy or arrange for on the internet. While it may be convenient to take care of ... Read More
5 Simple Ways To Prevent The Nursing Home From Taking Your Parents’ Money

5 Simple Ways to Prevent the Nursing Home from Taking Your Parents’ Money

As your parents age, long-term care issues may become increasingly important. It’s not always possible to know when a significant health condition will arise. However, if your elderly parent becomes ill or is injured, they may need nursing home care. ... Read More